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Our Feed Mill at Twyford, Winchester is dedicated to poultry and we have an ongoing capital investment program to ensure that the mill maintains its lead in both high quality meals and pelleted feeds.

We are the leading independent specialist poultry feed suppliers in the South of England. We have an extensive range of diets of which are bespoke, manufactured to the specific needs of our customers.

Our own farms feed many of these diets, as a research and development platform, to ensure our feeds continue to perform at optimum efficiency. We do not make food for stock, it is made to order. That way your food is always fresh for your birds.


Uncompromising quality control, from the sourcing of raw materials through every stage of production and delivery, allows customers to be confident of the integrity of its feeds.

The Humphrey Feeds poultry specialists are experts on all aspects of free range egg production and are a ready source of information and advice for customers.

Throughout the years our formula of producing layers feeds has remained constant. We use a select range of raw materials – only those that we know to be the best. From known origins, they offer a consistency that we can control and that customers can trust. We then produce optimal grists for all ages and types of birds. Our investment in a state-of-the-art poultry mill, dedicated to manufacturing layers feed, enables us to grind optimally at any of the 18 different settings and offer poultry farmers the most consistent grists available.

At Humphrey Feeds we make all of our feed to order, so that it is fresh for your birds. Our wide range of diets – including free range, fresh, organic and turkey – is just the starting point. Our customers often require specific diets, so we are happy to custom formulate feed, exclusively for their purpose. This flexibility offers outstanding benefits both in terms of the health and welfare of birds, and the financial success of customers.

Vital to the success of Humphrey Feeds is our highly skilled team of feed specialists: Colin Gravatt, Steve Clout, and Anna Cutler plus our Turkey Feed Specialist Clive Weeks. Together, they offer over 80 years’ experience of the poultry industry and have amassed a vast body of knowledge, encompassing not just feed, but the management of the entire free range egg production process.